The Pandemic and the Panicked Planner User

As people who love to plan and meticulously lay things out in our planners, the unknown is particularly scary to people like us. This week we cross out events or carefully remove our stickers from our perfectly planned lives, the panic begins to set in. We love the known. It is our security blanket. Our need to plan is our biggest weakness in moments like this. So how do we cope with it? Let your panic turn into your biggest asset. There is a couple in the show This Is Us that play a game they call "worst-case scenario." I never understood this game until I read something that my son wrote. In his article, he tells us to face your fear. Picture the worst-case scenario for your life and family for this pandemic... and then plan what you would do in such a case. With a plan in place, we can rest easier that come what may, things may be ok. Our need to have an organized plan can set us into a tailspin but is also our greatest strength.

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