My Transition to Digital Planners

Life is chaotic.  I've never been able to go without a planner. Over the years I went from planner to planner, looking for something that fits me perfectly.  However, I felt that my life had so many parts to it: Work, Adulting, Mom, and business.  I couldn't keep it all together in one place.  To make it worse the school where I worked went from a Monday-Friday schedule to a 6 day rotation.  I had been using GoodNotes for a while and decided to fix my problems by creating a planner that was specific to my needs.  The transition was amazing.  I could still write with a pen (which is a must for my own satisfaction), and transition between parts of my life with all the links I embedded.  


If you haven't made the move yet, I strongly recommend it.  Check out our digital planners and take the plunge.  You got this!



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