How to Use Our Digital Planners

Our digital planners work best with apps like GoodNotes and Notability.  Both have their advantages, but we prefer the GoodNotes feel of being able to "flip" pages from left to right like a regular book. If you have the app installed on all your devices, you can set it to sync to all your devices.
Download GoodNotes from App Store onto your tablet or phone 

 Purchasing from your ipad/iphone
1) Purchase the planner.  Upon checkout you will get a download button (you will also get an email with the link). Click on it!  
2) You will be taken to a page for download options.  Click on "More."

3) At this point, you may have to toggle all the way to the left and click "more" again and toggle GoodNotes on as a downloading option. Once you have done that, select the GoodNotes icon.
4)  Lastly, click import and you are good to go!

 Purchasing from your laptop

1)As with above, once you pay, you will be given a download button. Click on it and download.  Then on your laptop, simply airdrop it to your device and your device will give you an option to open it in GoodNotes.