The Brain Dump - Destress, Make a List, Get Stuff Done


someday list

The Brain Dump is an incredibly powerful way to destress and get your stuff done.  Every morning I spend about 3 minutes brain dumping.  I sit with my freshly poured cup of coffee, pull out my iPad planner, and write all the stuff I need to do in my brain dump list section.  I pour it all out, whether it is something I need to today, tomorrow, next week, or just something I'd like to accomplish someday, I write it all down.  This process helps me take my pent up stress and let it all out. I'm not the kind of person that can meditate... all I can think about is what I could be doing with this time instead, so this is my daily meditation.  Get all the stress out at once. 

From here I spend the next two minutes planning when to do what.  I first go down my list and use my lasso tool to move the items that need to be done this week and put them into their appropriate day's todo list.  Anything left goes into the B-list or Someday.  My B-list has things that must be done by a deadline but it is not this week.  My someday list usually has projects I'd like to conquer but has no urgency. 

Once I'm done with my day's tasks, I look at the rest of the week to see if I can get ahead and work on anything else.  If not I work on things on my B-list.  If I'm particularly productive, I conquer my somedays.  While I love daily planners, I am much more partial to the weekly planners because I depend on my weekly organization based on the brain dump.






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